Ubuntu VMs on demand for any workstation

Get an instant Ubuntu VM with a single command. Multipass can launch and run virtual machines and configure them with cloud-init like a public cloud.

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Cloud-style VMs at your fingertips

Spin up cloud instances with a single command

Launch instances of Ubuntu and initialise them with cloud-init metadata in the same way you would on AWS, Azure, Google, IBM and Oracle. Simulate your own cloud deployment on your workstation.

VMs for Windows, macOS and Linux

Start Ubuntu VMs with each platform's native hypervisor

Multipass uses Hyper-V on Windows, QEMU and HyperKit on macOS and LXD on Linux for minimal overhead and the fastest possible start time. Switching your hypervisor to Virtualbox is a breeze.

Ubuntu Server CLI cheat sheet

Get started with Ubuntu the fast way

The “Ubuntu Server CLI cheat sheet” is your fast path to learning the Linux command line - from basic file management to deploying Kubernetes and OpenStack.

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Optimised VM performance

VMs tuned for out-of-the-box performance

Multipass uses images tuned for cloud usage. Each image has software baked in with all the tools to deploy a cloud.

Most notably cloud-init, a tool with utilities to initialise cloud instances. Pass multipass a custom cloud-init definition and turn a generic Ubuntu image into a custom-configured server in seconds.

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Designed for developer convenience

VMs you can trust with access to what you need

Share files and folders between your host and your instances.

Your ‘primary’ instance gets special treatment with integration to your native filesystem and dedicated hot-key access.

Multipass automatically fetches the latest Ubuntu images from Canonical, minimising initial update time.

A curated catalogue of images

Images with built-in apps are one command away

Multipass is growing a catalogue of images to initialise pre-installed applications to get started with a single command. Want to integrate your project?

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Appliances in VMs

Ubuntu Appliance images to try before you Pi

Run a Virtual Ubuntu Appliance on your workstation without affecting your existing system. No need for spare hardware, just follow the steps and you’ll be up and running in minutes.

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Join our community

Multipass is built by a team of engineers at Canonical and a community of contributors. We appreciate your interest in Multipass, and if you want to join the discussion or contribute, come and say hi. We don’t bite.

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