Instance Modification


Instance properties as settings

Settings also provide a way to modify instances. While instance properties can be determined at launch, some of them can be updated after the instance has been created. Specifically, an instance’s memory, disk space, and the number of its CPUs are exposed via daemon settings: local.<instance-name>.(cpus|disk|memory).


Only properties of stopped, non-deleted instances can be updated, but all instances can have their properties fetched. Settings keys are therefore available for all Multipass-managed instances at that instant. Yet, trying to update an instance that is running, suspended, or deleted, results in an error.


We would like to allow modifying running instances, with changes being applied on the following restart, but that will come only at a later time. Live/hot modifications – changing the properties of running instances without a restart – is not in our plans (at least for current properties). It would seldom be supported by the hypervisors Multipass supports, and add little gain.

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