`multipass aliases` command

[since version 1.8.0]

See also: Alias, How to use command aliases, alias, unalias

The aliases command shows the aliases defined for all the instances. Its basic usage consists in invoking the command with multipass aliases.

$ multipass aliases
Alias  Instance         Command  Working directory
lsrm   rewarded-merlin  ls       default
topfp  flying-pig       top      map

The column Working directory, present since Multipass 1.10.0, tells us on which directory of the host the alias will be executed. The value default means that the alias will be executed in the instance default working directory (normally, /home/ubuntu). The value map means that, in case the host directory from which the user calls the alias is mounted on the instance, the alias will be executed on the mounted directory on the instance. In versions prior to 1.10.0, the execution directory will be always default; starting in Multipass 1.10.0 the value will be default only if the --no-map-working-directory argument is present at alias creation.

The command can be used in conjunction with --format or -f to specify the desired output format (csv, json, table or yaml).

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