See also: How to manage instances

An instance is a virtual machine created and managed by Multipass.


Instance types

Instances in Multipass can be of two kinds: primary or regular.

Primary instance

The primary instance is the default instance created or used when invoking the start or shell commands without giving a name argument. By default, the instance will be configured with 1 CPU, 1 gigabyte of memory, 5 gigabytes of virtual disk space, and the user’s home directory automatically mounted into the instance.

As with any other mount, it can be unmounted with multipass umount. For instance, multipass umount primary will unmount all mounts made by Multipass inside primary, including the auto-mounted Home. (On Windows, mounts are disabled by default for security reasons. See local.privileged-mounts for information on how to enable them if you need.)

Regular instance

The regular instance is any instance that is not the primary instance.

A regular instance can be made primary. See client.primary-name.

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