`multipass list` command

The multipass list command lists all the created instances and some of their properties:

$ multipass list
Name                    State             IPv4             Release
primary                 SUSPENDED         --               Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
calm-squirrel           RUNNING     Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

The full multipass help list output explains the available options:

$ multipass help list
Usage: multipass list [options]
List all instances which have been created.

  -h, --help         Display this help
  -v, --verbose      Increase logging verbosity, repeat up to three times for
                     more detail
  --format <format>  Output list in the requested format.
                     Valid formats are: table (default), json, csv and yaml

The only option specific to that command is --format, which allows you to choose how the data is presented - a human-readable table or one of JSON, CSV and YAML, for example:

$ multipass list --format yaml
  - state: SUSPENDED
      - ""
    release: 18.04 LTS
  - state: RUNNING
    release: 16.04 LTS

Last updated 2 years ago.