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In Multipass, a mount is a directory mapping from the host to an instance, making its contents, and changes therein, available on both ends.

In Multipass, there are two types of mount: classic (default) and native.

Classic mounts

Classic mounts use SSHFS (SSH File System) to achieve file/directory sharing. This option is available across all our backends.

SSHFS is based on SSH, which pays a performance penalty to achieve secure communication.

Native mounts

Native mounts use driver-dependent technologies to achieve the high performance. They are only available in the following cases:

  • On Hyper-V, where they are implemented with SMB/CIFS.
  • On QEMU, the they are implemented with 9P.
  • On LXD, using that backend’s own mounts, which also rely on 9P.

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