`multipass authenticate` command

[Since version 1.9.0]

The multipass authenticate command allows a client to authenticate with the Multipass service. Once authenticated, the client can issue commands such as list, launch, etc.

$ multipass authenticate --help
Usage: multipass authenticate [options] [<passphrase>]
Authenticate with the Multipass service.
A system administrator should provide you with a passphrase
to allow use of the Multipass service.

  -h, --help     Display this help
  -v, --verbose  Increase logging verbosity. Repeat the 'v' in the short option
                 for more detail. Maximum verbosity is obtained with 4 (or more)
                 v's, i.e. -vvvv.

  passphrase     Passphrase to register with the Multipass service. If omitted,
                 a prompt will be displayed for entering the passphrase.

To help reduce the amount of typing for authenticate, one can also use multipass auth as an alias:

$ multipass auth foo

If no passphrase is given in the authenticate command line, a prompt will be displayed in order to enter the passphrase:

$ multipass authenticate
Please enter passphrase:

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