See also: Installing Multipass on Linux, Windows, & macOS, Host, Driver

In Multipass, platform refers to the host computer’s operating system. This can be Windows, macOS, or Linux.

Feature disparities

While we strive to offer a uniform interface across the board, not all features are available on all platforms and there are some behavior differences:

  • Windows terminal integration is offered only on Windows. This affects the setting
  • File and URL launches are only possible on Linux. This affects the launch command.
  • Mounts are disabled on Windows by default, though they can be enabled with the setting local.privileged-mounts. They are enabled by default on macOS and Linux. This affects the mount, umount, and launch commands.
  • When using the QEMU driver, extra networks are supported only on macOS. This affects the networks command, as well as --network and --bridged options in launch.
  • Different drivers are available on different platforms. This affects the local.driver setting. See driver for further behavior differences depending on what driver is selected.
  • Bridging Wi-Fi networks is only supported at the moment on macOS. Thus, Wi-Fi networks are not shown in the output of the networks command on Linux and Windows.

Last updated 3 months ago.